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Netsmart Bilişim Sistemleri A.Ş.

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We are making a difference in cyber security by adding the speed of next-generation technologies to the perspective brought by our experiences

Netsmart specializes in this sector with its deep-rooted experience and innovative approach to the safeguarding of digital assets and spaces since 1999. We provide unique and efficient cyber security solutions together with our leading business partners and our expert team of experienced engineers. Our 360-degree security approach safeguards you against threats while reinforcing your data and network security by ensuring the integrity of information systems.

Our distinctive feature which makes us unique is that we prioritize customer satisfaction and high-end security. In the cyber security sector, we are not only a security company, but also a strategic partner to our customers. We optimize our solutions to always keep you safe today and tomorrow, and transform your digital world into a more secure and efficient space.



We adopt an approach that supports competencies, awareness, and continuing training by highlighting the people factor at the heart of the security ecosystem.


Our meticulously designed processes that are continuously optimized strengthen our ability to effectively and quickly respond to cyber threats.


By adopting cutting edge technology, producing innovative solutions, and keeping up with technological advancements, we provide the most suitable solutions to fulfil the security needs of our customers.


Our privacy policy safeguards customer privacy by adopting the highest data protection standards and enabling only authorized access to information.


The principle of integrity ensures solid protection against threats by maximizing the safeguarding of the accuracy, reliability, and integrity of data.


With the principle of accessibility, we ensure that our customers can seamlessly access our security services whenever and wherever they need by providing them with uninterrupted and reliable service.

Relevant Sectors and Businesses

We provide a strong and sustainable defense for businesses of all sizes with our custom cyber security solutions

Finance & Insurance

Our customized solutions have been designed to fulfil the cyber security needs of businesses by focusing on corporate requirements. We keep improving our sectoral approach of providing professional solutions with our customer-oriented, reliable, and innovative services.


We are working on ever-growing and up-to-date defense strategies in order to safeguard against the threats to the telecommunications sector, one of the sectors that most touches the daily lives of users. We aim to raise the security standards in the sector by providing efficient solutions for safeguarding data, communication networks, and business services.

Large-Scale Enterprises

We provide customized cyber security solutions in the fields of data protection and operational efficiency by deeply focusing on the sophisticated and broad structures of large-scale enterprises.

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME)

We help SMEs safeguard their entities and increase their competitive power in the market by providing them with custom solutions addressing their challenges.

Netsmart with Numbers

With the leading vendors in the information security field, our expert team of engineers, our 25 years of experience and an integrated approach covering networks, infrastructures, data, and cyber security, we safeguard your digital infrastructure.

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business partners

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customer satisfaction

SLA compliance

Integrated cyber security solutions

We offer a range of services covering all aspects of cyber security. We ensure that information systems and their hardware/software components function at maximum efficiency while meeting their performance and security standards.

Strategic partnership

Providing services to many national and international businesses as a solution partner, Netsmart offers hi-tech solutions and services to leading domestic corporations that operate in various sectors such as finance, healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunication, services, and retail.

Cost efficiency

We go beyond the industry standards by providing hi-tech and customizable cyber security solutions, and help our customers in various sectors increase their operational efficiency and reduce their costs.

Proactive security measures

The cyber security portfolio of Netsmart utilizes the state-of-the-art technology as well as its engineering expertise over 25 years in order to proactively anticipate and prevent future threats. This enables our customers to securely manage both short-term and long-term operational and managerial processes.

Take the first step to guarantee the high-level protection of your data and resources, and contact us to optimize your cyber security operations.

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Our Founders

Zeynep Erkmen

General Manager

Özgür Mıdık

Deputy General Manager
Sales and Marketing

Mehmet Erkmen

Deputy General Manager
Technical Operations and Business Development

Social Responsibility

Our principles and values guide our efforts to build a better and more inclusive world and are steering new initiatives in the field of social responsibility. Our work in this field represents our long-term vision for a sustainable and egalitarian future.

Equal opportunities in education

As an indicator of our commitment to responsible corporate citizenship since its foundation, Netsmart conducts social responsibility projects in the field of education. Within this scope, we say “Keep Them in School” in collaboration with TEV (Turkish Education Foundation) by supporting students in need with a scholarship fund. Our brand is proud to have the title of “TEV Friend of Education”, which is granted to businesses that offer mentorship, internship, business opportunities, technical training, social activities, etc. for supporting the education of scholars as well as providing them with financial support.

Touching the different parts of life

We also support various platforms that help us to feel calm and secure, both digitally and physically, in our society. We have been supporting ÇEKÜL Foundation (the Foundation for the Protection and Promotion of the Environment and Cultural Heritage), which actively operates in the fields of environment and culture in Turkey, in technical and infrastructural matters, for more than 15 years. We take on responsibility to lessen their burden, even if just a bit, during their journey of value they provide in this country. We believe that social awareness gets stronger with support and unity, and try to touch the different parts of life by acting in this direction as a corporation.


Stay safe today and tomorrow with our cyber security solutions