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Infrastructure Security

While the digitalization process of corporations continues at full speed, the increased number and variety of platforms that we use as well as the changes in the work patterns of our employees and suppliers lead to a growing attack surface. When the container infrastructures and dockerized operating systems, sensitive production applications migrate to the cloud or are accessed by the outside world, the need for speed in the software development processes, challenges in security controls, and the increasing need for external integration combines with the internal & external risks as well as the increasing and distributed risks in the employee and supplier access, this poses more threats for corporations than ever. Therefore, it is now more critical for corporations to control the access to their systems, manage their vulnerabilities and risks, identify the shadow ITs, create secure coding processes and ensure the continuity of threat control processes. With its range of solutions, Netsmart ensures that the best solutions are successfully deployed and implemented so that you can maximize the security of your infrastructure.

We are aware of today’s threats, and we provide the correct, innovative solutions for you to securely design your corporate infrastructure thanks to our years of experience as well as our expert team of engineers

Wherever you keep your corporate applications and/or data, we know how to safeguard them and provide you with the best solution. The speed and flexibility brought by digitalization can turn into an advantage but only with proper management of the accompanying risks. Thanks to our consultancy services in various subjects such as the detection and elimination of threats and vulnerabilities, constant monitoring, system fortification, securing of access and authentication processes, increasing of threat visibility with artificial intelligence, and the security of internally developed software including ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) and API (Application Programming Interface) codes, you can minimize your security risks and only focus on your core business.

Identity and access management

Controlling the access to hundreds/thousands of critical systems owned by corporations, managing user passwords, reviewing authorizations, detecting risky access, and responding immediately are one of the most important issues addressed by various security authorities. Moreover, using additional verification methods such as biometric, push, and QR during the authentication in all environments will definitely improve your security level. As Netsmart, we provide our customers with the best solutions for authorized user management, third-party access management, session management, SSO (Single Sign On), MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication), Passwordless Authentication, and risk-based authentication.

Vulnerability Management

We assist you in establishing a robust vulnerability management framework, which systematically prioritizes and addresses existing vulnerabilities across all endpoints, cloud environments, databases, hardware, and applications within your inventory. Utilizing intelligent risk assessment methodologies customized to your corporate environment, we enable you to proactively manage and mitigate risks effectively. Our integrated approach facilitates timely risk mitigation by automating actions for identified vulnerabilities, ensuring comprehensive coverage for both local/cloud IT systems and OT environments.

Enhanced Security for DevOps, Containers, and APIs

The evolving landscape of technology, including the rapid adoption of DevOps practices, the widespread transition to containerized architectures, inadequate implementation of secure coding methods, and the expanding use of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), necessitates innovative security measures. Traditional security products may offer only temporary solutions in addressing these challenges. Leveraging next-generation solutions provided by Netsmart, organizations can secure container images, securely manage secrets, and optimize API code security to align with regulatory standards and industry best practices.

Security fortification

We conduct simulations to assess the effectiveness of the security software and hardware deployed across your infrastructure, including endpoints, servers, emails, applications, and networks, against the latest threats. Following this assessment, we provide you with a comprehensive report detailing the maturity status of your security measures. Additionally, we review your configurations that may pose vulnerabilities in the active directory. Upon completion of this analysis, we fortify the policies and signatures of your security systems, enhancing your resilience against potential threats.


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Kurumsal sosyal medya hesaplarının yönetimi


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