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Data Security

As the volume of business data grows exponentially and its value continues to rise, ensuring data security becomes crucial. From the moment data is generated, the process of classification and distribution is critical to prevent leaks. Safeguarding this valuable asset is our top priority, and we offer a comprehensive solution portfolio covering all components of your system architecture, in collaboration with leading vendors. Count on us to provide reliable and professional support in maintaining data security across databases, file servers, applications, and end users.

Thanks to our data security team's expertise and experience, we meticulously analyze your requirements and offer the most effective solutions.

The handling of data is paramount for businesses and warrants serious attention Businesses have legal and regulatory obligations in all processes from the roles and authorities of the data creator and the content of the relevant data to data storage and destruction. Both these obligations and the vulnerability of the business necessitates a different data protection measures to be taken. Without adequate safeguards, vulnerabilities can result in significant financial and reputational damage. Our value-added architecture, encompassing measures such as data right access/management, data discovery and encryption, and data migration to a quarantine location helps you mitigate unforeseen risks and eliminate threats. Your security is our top priority, and we are committed to upholding your data security standards.

Streamlining regulatory compliance processes

We simplify data security concerns and address legal and regulatory requirements such as PDPL, GDPR, PCI-DSS, PCI-HSM ISO 27001, SOX, and COBIT. Our consultancy services assist businesses in projects ranging from end-to-end discovery and masking, leveraging our extensive expertise to enhance data security.

High-Assurance Key Protection

As Netsmart’s data security team, we provide cutting-edge HSM (Hardware Security Module) solutions, certified to meet FIPS and Common Criteria standards. These HSMs serve as secure hosts for your business’s most critical cryptographic assets. Our certified engineers handle the installation, management, and maintenance of this equipment, ensuring the utmost protection for your cryptographic objects.

Key and certificate lifecycle management

Data security encompasses not just safeguarding data, but also managing the lifecycle of encryption keys that protect that data. Key management, certificate management, and PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) are central to ensuring data security. Our extensive data security portfolio is designed to support your digital transformation initiatives by leveraging diverse product offerings and infrastructures.

Stopping data loss, not operations

Since our first Data Loss Prevention (DLP) project in Turkey, we’ve leveraged our extensive experience, gained through consultancy engagements across diverse sectors. By integrating your industry-specific demands and regulatory compliance requirements with our deep expertise, we deliver meticulously crafted and seamlessly operational Data Loss Prevention (DLP) projects.


Kurumsal sosyal medya hesaplarının yönetimi

Kurumsal sosyal medya hesaplarının yönetimi


Bu durumdan yararlanmak isteyen firmalar internetteki görünürlüklerini arttırarak, itibar ve marka gücünü yükseltme şansı yakalıyor. Dolayısıyla, sosyal medya hesapları sayesinde markalarını öne çıkarabilen kurumlar, aynı zamanda müşterileriyle etkileşim halinde bulunup, anlık nitel ve nicel veri analizi yapabilirler. Bu nedenle, günümüzde birçok şirket sosyal medya hesaplarını pazarlama aracı olarak kullanmaktadır. Pekii firmalara hızlı ve etkili iletişim […]

HTML5 Nedir? CyberArk HTML5 GW ile Hedef Sunucuya Bağlanma

HTML5 Nedir? CyberArk HTML5 GW ile Hedef Sunucuya Bağlanma


Asıl konumuza giriş yapmadan önce HTML5 teknolojisine ufak bir girizgah yapalım.

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