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Network Security

Ensuring network security is vital for corporations to protect their digital assets and uphold their reputation. In today's fast-evolving digital landscape, a robust network security infrastructure is crucial for maintaining operational continuity and defending against cyber threats. Embracing the "zero trust" principle, our network security solutions prioritize data integrity and privacy, proactively mitigating risks like data leaks, theft, and malware. By integrating both traditional and next-generation security technologies, our solution portfolio fortifies corporate digital perimeters, enabling secure expansion of operations.

We provide tailored solutions for your network security needs together with our specialized and internationally certified engineers

We provide network security solutions by partnering with the industry-leading technology vendors in order to safeguard your digital assets and maintain your business continuity. We transform your network into a strong shield against cyberthreats by providing a wide range of services from project designing and maintenance & management to updates and user training. We are right beside you to secure your digital world. Build your digital future on a solid ground with us.

End-to-end Solutions

In addition to components such as servers, endpoints and mobile devices in corporate networks, it is now inevitable to ensure the security of new-generation IoT/OT, cloud and container environments. We guide organizations to meet local, cloud and hybrid environment security with a holistic approach with solutions such as new generation firewalls, IPS/IDS, threat prevention, secure web access, network access control, e-mail, web, DNS and application security.

Next generation approaches

In addition to our traditional network security solutions, we modernize your network security infrastructure with the latest security technologies such as SASE, SD-Wan, ZTNA, and macro- and micro-segmentation. These advancements bolster your access and security management capabilities, particularly in cloud or hybrid work environments, as part of your digital transformation journey.

Visibility and optimization

Today, the ability to take proactive action against the ever-evolving threa landscape hinges on the visibility ratio of the corporate network. The number of networks and assets that we have to secure increases in line with this due to the growing attack surface. With our network security solutions, we assist our customers with the early detection of critical threats in their ever-changing, transforming, sophisticated, and ever-growing infrastructures, and help them take swift and rational measures in this way.

Maintaining business continuity

Our network security team doesn’t just secure networks and all the connected components; we also offer solutions for redundancy and business continuity. Through careful analysis, we optimize resource utilization, providing our customers with cost advantages. We establish convenient and sustainable accessibility and backup policies for your infrastructure, ensuring uninterrupted operations.


Kurumsal sosyal medya hesaplarının yönetimi

Kurumsal sosyal medya hesaplarının yönetimi


Bu durumdan yararlanmak isteyen firmalar internetteki görünürlüklerini arttırarak, itibar ve marka gücünü yükseltme şansı yakalıyor. Dolayısıyla, sosyal medya hesapları sayesinde markalarını öne çıkarabilen kurumlar, aynı zamanda müşterileriyle etkileşim halinde bulunup, anlık nitel ve nicel veri analizi yapabilirler. Bu nedenle, günümüzde birçok şirket sosyal medya hesaplarını pazarlama aracı olarak kullanmaktadır. Pekii firmalara hızlı ve etkili iletişim […]

HTML5 Nedir? CyberArk HTML5 GW ile Hedef Sunucuya Bağlanma

HTML5 Nedir? CyberArk HTML5 GW ile Hedef Sunucuya Bağlanma


Asıl konumuza giriş yapmadan önce HTML5 teknolojisine ufak bir girizgah yapalım.

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