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Be On The Right Team

The most valuable reason why we were selected as Turkey’s “Happiest Workplace” is that we have a great team that trusts us. We are aware of this trust, and we keep offering them the “Best Employee Experience”.

At Netsmart, we value personal development, and try to build a work environment where the team members can unleash their full potential. Our “People and Culture” department working in this field plays a significant role in steering the career journey of the professionals within our team and in their development journey where they create value together with us. The career plans structured with an agile approach aim for long-term development.

The “People and Culture” department takes place as a strategic partner in your career development rather than being an administrative function. It guides you to reach new heights, to broaden your horizon, and to attain your goals.

People and Culture Policy

We draw our strength from the diversity of our values and the culture of inclusivity that we have adopted

We embrace a value-driven approach beyond the traditional corporate culture. The facts of “valuing people” and “creating value” underlie our People and Culture policy.

A work environment where you can literally have the “Best Employee Experience”
Since we aim to become a brand where each team member can flourish, we act upon the principle of “Right people for the right job at the right time”. Thus, we create a system where everyone can be successful and unleash their full potential, and that enhances the success of the company.

Embracing the concept of inclusion, we extend equal support and opportunity to everyone. Irrespective of gender, language, religion, race, or life view, members who join the Netsmart team contribute to a whole that is enriched by their unique differences.

Our corporate culture rests upon shared values. These values —trust, merit, equal opportunity, transparency, accountability, open communication, teamwork, employee happiness, and sustainable high performance— forge a stronger and more effective team.

We cherish and appreciate the distinct values each teammate brings. Our collective strength is drawn from the diversity of these values.

Beyond the conventional human resources policy, which serves as an administrative necessity, we champion a policy prioritizing people.

This policy isn’t merely about recruitment and compliance; it’s about fostering a culture where individuals thrive, respect one another, and collaborate to achieve common objectives.

In this way, we create enduring value for our team, our company, and society.


Working at Netsmart

A work environment where you can literally have the “Best Employee Experience”

Since we aim to become a brand where each team member can flourish, we act upon the principle of “Right people for the right job at the right time”. Thus, we create a system where everyone can be successful and unleash their full potential, and that enhances the success of the company.

We strengthen our bonds with our team by creating work conditions in which they can be happy.

A learning and developing organization

In this journey, we keep being a constantly learning and developing organization together with our team members.

While contributing to the professional or personal development of our team members, we make constant learning and teaching an essential part of our work culture. This supportive approach towards personal and professional development makes us the pioneering brand in the sector.

Internationally-harmonized standards

For the “Best Employee Experience”, we align the company practices and standards with international norms by referencing the corporate strategies and approved policies.

In line with these standards, we believe every team member should have a voice, so we actively listen to them, consider their suggestions, and help them put their ideas into practice.

Universal codes of conduct and values

Being the cornerstone of our corporate culture, the universal codes of conduct and values support sustainability, efficiency, and commitment.

Within this scope, the health and safety of our teammates and business partners come first. In order to create a safe and healthy work environment, we take proactive measures, conduct risk analyses, assess and monitor the risks, and take all kinds of remedial actions. At Netsmart, work life is shaped through a proactive perspective, not reactive.

Safety Engineering Training Program (SETP)

SETP, a one-of-a-kind training program for candidates who aim for a career in the information technology field, has a success rate of 92% with over 100 graduates.

The program, where the graduates of the Faculties of Engineering of universities can join, expects them to be open to learning, and to have strong analytical skills and problem-solving capabilities. The candidates admitted to the program embark on a 4-month training journey at Netsmart offices. The program is designed with program-specific in-class and globally certified online training in addition to academic knowledge and is supported with the next generation training methods and hands-on training offered by the instructors who have field experience. At the end of the program, we hire the candidates who successfully complete the program.

We improve productivity with the approach of a personalized development plan.
With our sustainable work system, we build systems that ensure the workflow keeps functioning healthily.
We value performance, and aim to create added value not only in Netsmart, but also in our sector. Therefore, SETP is a project that we have put into practice to feed the potential and to create sector-wide value.

Occupational Health and Safety

On this journey which we have embarked on with the culture of value creation, it is our number one priority to build a healthy and safe work environment for our teammates and business partners, who are our most valuable assets.

We created the Occupational Health and Safety Policies of our company accordingly and in line with international standards. We create a work culture where each person’s welfare is prioritized and protected.

Our brand’s philosophy is that no task is that urgent to violate the health and safety rules. We ensure that this philosophy is adopted by our teammates as well, and we develop an OHS culture that prioritizes trust.

We conduct regular controls and -when necessary- implement updates in order to avoid occupational risks, eliminate the factors that may lead to accidents, and provide comprehensive information and training to the team members on the subjects of occupational health and safety. Within each department, we meticulously follow and comply with the legislation on occupational health and safety. We take remedial actions based on risk analyses by conducting risk assessments within the scope of OHS.

We provide occupational health and safety training on a planned basis. We provide all the team members with comprehensive training that is planned at the beginning of the year and continue throughout the year, and we highlight the importance of being knowledgeable and careful about health and safety practices.

We believe in collective responsibility to maintain a safe and healthy work environment.

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“Candidate experience” is as important to us as “employee experience”. Every person and their idea is valuable to us.